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YouTube Feature: #DeeTalks x Hi-R Education

We are super excited to have featured in the latest #DeeTalks video featuring Tosin - (representing Hi-R).

Dee and Tosin discuss their journey from GCSE's to university, the importance of their subject choices, work experience and more!

Have a watch and let us know what you think.


02:24 – Q1. What did you decide to do after GCSEs and why?

03:52 – Q2. How much did you know about APPRENTICESHIPS when choosing your next steps? 05:10 – Q3. Would you say your education journey was mostly parent-led?

06:35 – Q4. What do you advise to focus on after leaving school?

07:40 – Q5. How did you find the jump from A-Levels to Uni?

09:19 – Q6. Would you change anything about your education journey?

10:29 – Q7. How important is it to study the subjects that relate to your desired career?

12:23 – Q8. What is the importance of work experience?

13:41 - **BONUS QUESTION**

Be sure to check out Dee's youtube channel for more student and graduate inspired content:

Contact Dee:


Twitter: DeeTalks1

Personal Instagram: _dee.x_

Keep up with Hi-R:


Twitter: @Aimhi_R


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