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A level Resits 2020/21 Report

Hi-R Education A Level Article
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In March 2020, Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson announced that students would have the opportunity to re-sit GCSE and A Level examinations if they were unhappy with their Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) that were awarded in August 2020 (Williamson, 2020). At Hi-R, we were keen to find out more about the proposed changes, especially the impact they had on students, and concerns they had about the upcoming period. In a separate investigation into how the Department of Education has handled the awarding of grades in the August 2020 period titled ‘Predicting Futures 2.0’, Dr Suriyah Bi reminds us of the importance of working with and for local communities, and most importantly, understanding our communities as a source and form of empowerment (Bi, 2020: PG10). Following Dr. Bi’s decolonial and feminist anthropological approach to our work, we also wanted to (re)center the voices and perspectives of students who may have felt isolated and invisible.


We adopted a mixed-methods approach (qualitative and quantitative) by creating and sharing a Microsoft Form which allowed resitting students to tell us what subjects they are resitting and any concerns they had about this examination period. The structure of this article is as follows: the first section will look at the respondents who reported back to us and the data we ascertained about their concerns. The second section will provide you with key points about what your rights are as a student during this period. Our sources are directly from official Government briefings and/or are also involving Government Ministers. And lastly, there is a recommendation section based on our findings and what you as students can be doing to best prepare yourselves during this period.