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International Essay/Article Writing Competition - Hi-R Education &

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We are delighted to announce our first-ever essay/article writing competition in collaboration with the India-based start-up ''.

Please see the competition information below.

Who Are We? is the first of its kind initiative in India created by first-generation law students to inform people about legal happenings in the country. believes in portraying a transparent view of every issue. They aspire to provide credible and accessible content to their readers. aims to give students a comprehensive view of socio-legal issues.

Hi-R Education ( is a for-profit social enterprise based in the United Kingdom. Hi-R has helped students from all over the world to gain access into the world’s leading universities and obtain prestigious internship and graduate roles. The Hi-R Education team is comprised of a team of renowned undergraduate and postgraduate student mentors who are each matched with a mentee to guide and assist through their education.

Join our Whatsapp group for updates on this competition.

Essay or Article Question (your choice)

  • Option 1: “The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a decline in respect for the rule of law.’ Discuss.

  • Option 2: What lessons can be learned from the most recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and how should governments respond?

  • Option 3: Celebrating LGBTQ Pride: Why I No Longer Need to Hide My Rainbow

Submission Rules

1. The article submitted must be the original work of the participant, any kind of plagiarism will attract disqualification.

2. The article must neither be published nor be under consideration for publication or contests elsewhere.

3. Each participant is allowed to make only one submission. In case anyone makes more than one submission, except the one prior in time, the other submissions will not be considered

4. The copyright over the essay or article will vest with and Hi-R Education. In the event the article is republished or reproduced, the author(s) will be given due credit.

5. In case of any dispute, the decision of the editorial board of and Hi-R Education shall be final.


  1. The word limit for the essay or article is 1500 words, inclusive of citations. The format of the submission should be as follows:

  2. Font style: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: 1.5 Alignment: Justified

  3. All the references could be hyperlinked within the text itself or duly acknowledged in the endnotes. A uniform style of citation should be followed. The articles must be submitted in .doc or .docx format. The submissions have to be made by email to with the subject “Submission: National Article/Essay Writing Competition 2020."

  4. The submission document must not contain any details about the authors or their institutional affiliations. Any kind of disclosures within the text shall lead to immediate disqualification of the submission document.

  5. The body of the email shall specify the name(s) of the author(s), theme, title of the article, year of study (in the form _/5, or _/3 for 5-years and 3-years course respectively), the name of the author's college/university, e-mail address and contact number.


1. Cash Prize + lifetime mentorship with Hi-R Education 2. Online internship opportunities at 3. Publication for the top 7 submissions 4. Free publication in one paper in future in the JLSR Journal (ISSN(O): 2582 306X) for the Top 2 submissions 5. Discount on all online courses provided by 6. All the participants in the competition shall receive an e-certificate.

The competition will be judged by the and Hi-R Education team.

  1. Participation fee: Free of charge

  2. Deadline: Last date for registration: 25th June 2020


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