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Podcast: Mental Health & Wellbeing As a Student

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

We posted a question on the Hi-R Instagram asking you what you would like to hear next and we listened!

We thought we'd start with this podcast on mental health and wellbeing before uploading the Revision Tips podcast, as it is important that you are in a healthy state of mind in order to be effective with revision.

So, in this podcast Camilla and Tosin discuss some of the issues surrounding mental health as a student. They also talk through their journey with mental health throughout university and share some tips on how you can overcome the same issues - ranging from meditation, to doctor's notes and university counselling.

Student friendly, as per.


The Hi-R Team

Podcast link:

Instagram: @Hi.R.Education and @CamillaYahaya

Twitter: @Aim.Hi_R

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