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Hi-R Online Academy

Podcast: Credit Cards & Retail Banking Careers

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Out on Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud, search 'CAMTHINKS X Hi-R'

Our latest podcast features special guest Sonie Mansaray talking us through her journey into retail banking and the low-down on credit and credit cards.

Sonie spent 8 months working at one of the country's most profitable monoline credit card businesses. In this episode she busts down the myths and misconceptions surrounding credit and advises young people on how to strategize and build their credit scores.

We also discuss the transition from higher education to full-time work and Sonie reflects on her experience of moving from London to Chester as part of her graduate scheme.

A full breakdown of the podcast can be found below:

Definitions and Information

  • Spring Week, or Insight Week, is a placement undertaken during the Easter holidays of your first year at university (Definition from Bright Network website)

  • Pre-eligibility tests: search providers on google

Time Stamps

  • 1:16 - Sonie’s Journey into Retail Banking 

  • 7:52 - Transitioning from education to working full time 

  • 8:35 - Types of credit

  • 11:05 - What are credit cards? 

  • 13:37 - What is APR?

  • 15:49 - What is a credit score? 

  • 20:00 - Applying for credit cards

  • 23:45 - Paying the minimum on a credit card 

  • 24:28 - Credit limits & credit utilisation 

  • 24:50 - Getting into a career in banking

  • 25:59 - How to prepare for a career in retail banking

  • 26:50 - Moving cities for your career 

  • 28:30 - Diversity in the banking industry 

Please feel free to contact Sonie if you have any questions or would like some additional advice.



The Hi-R Team





1 comment

1 Comment

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