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Welcome to the CAMTHINKS & HI-R podcast! Final year LSE students Camilla Yahaya and Tosin Murana come together to bring you a podcast that aims to inform, challenge and advice listeners on issues that are of concern to students. The podcast will act as an archive of their time at university and will provide students with insight into coping at university, travelling as a student, investing and preparing for life after university.

In this introductory episode, Camilla and Tosin talk about the challenges of transitioning from A-Levels to university. From turning AS grades ‘ABBC’ to ‘A*AA’ in A2, to forcefully having to take a gap year because of the marking policies of an examining board that year, the journey into one of the top universities in the UK (and in the world) was anything but easy. They give advice on how to manage your time, the workload and the social side of university. Camilla and Tosin are the perfect candidates to tell you not just about their unconventional journeys, but to create a starting point for the discourse around education, professionalism and personal growth.

Be prepared to expect episodes with additional speakers including, but not limited to, the students who form the Hi-R Education team, who will also share their insights on university and beyond.





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