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Hi-R Online Academy

Hi-R Online Academy - Editor's Note

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

"“... a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities” - Maya Angelou

Esther Adeyemo, 19

Creativity, Intelligence and Academia are all synonymous to me. That’s how I got into The University of Birmingham with A*A*A.

My name is Esther Adeyemo and I study American and Canadian Studies and English (I know - what a mouth-full), and I am now the Editor of the Hi-R Online Academy Blog.

I am also a writer, photographer and artist and will be contributing to the contents of this blog.

As an English student, creativity is not a choice, but a skill - a skill that is developed daily. It’s a skill that is transferable to all aspects of life and sadly, it’s a skill that I believe most people do not know they possess.

In my field, academia and creativity do not exist without each other, creating multifaceted intellectuals. On that note,

Welcome to the Hi-R Online Academy Blog - a platform that blends academia and creativity in a way that expands and challenges conventional knowledge of society and perceptions of university.

It is without saying that we live in a world where information is distributed alarmingly fast, but as such, the information is also being alarmingly dismissed. There is a difference between being given information and understanding it, with the latter equipping the individual with the tools needed to navigate, challenge and change their respective communities. Thus, the Hi-R Online Academy Blog is the place to not only receive information, but a place where information is challenged not just by the writers but by the readers.

When considering university as a microcosm of the world around us, it becomes pressing for us to tackle the issues within our institutions in order to begin to combat the issues outside.

As a black female it is undoubtedly a duty of mine to use my voice to increase the representation but also defy the stereotypes and limitations placed on my demographic.

The Hi-R Online Academy Blog will be used as the template to not only increase this representation but also illustrate the multifaceted nature of students whilst highlighting personnel in 'elite institutions'. From interviews and thematic articles to a podcast segment, the Hi-R Online Academy Blog is as multifaceted as its content creators.

Also to be expected is a regular ‘Book Club’ that will be recommending and reviewing particular pieces that present relevant themes which can be openly discussed by students and content creators. Articles will be published on a thematic basis for opinion pieces as well as ‘Spotlight’ pieces on ‘Academics’ and ‘the Arts’ (Film, Literature, Music and Contemporary Art).

The blog also aims to conduct interviews on both respective academics and creatives in the ‘Spotlight’ section of each issue. Although the themes of each section will be discussed and chosen by myself and content creators, there will be a poll available prompting students and readers to determine what content they would like to see.

As editor, there will be a note from me for each issue introducing and acknowledging the theme and content creators.

I look forward to providing great content to you all.

Esther Adeyemo

Instagram: Meaae_




Mike Virtus
Mike Virtus
Feb 03, 2023

I'm glad you were able to go to university! I found out about he Australian website when I was a student and started earning more than my classmates! There's a lot of fun there.


I liked your post, as well as looking for information on forums like this, now I do not waste time and sit on the Australian site there I earn.

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