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Become a 

mentor at Hi-R

Being a Hi-R Mentor is an excellent opportunity to build your CV, develop your attention to detail and improve your communication skills.


Become a potential contributor to the Hi-R Online Academy blog & Podcast 

Give back and share your experiences with younger students 

Opportunity to be promoted to a paid position

Flexible work schedule 

Role Description

As a Hi-R Mentor, you will be allocated to a sixth form student and your communication will be focused on providing guidance and assistance with their UCAS application, sixth form subjects and helping them to prepare for their time at university. 


We aim to ensure that students are in the best position before they start university, so If you’ve done a good job at securing work experience, internships or even a graduate role, your knowledge will be invaluable in advising and preparing your mentees with their own career paths.

Mentor Application Form

Please send us a copy of the UCAS Personal Statement used in securing your position at university. Alternatively, please send us an example of your academic writing - for example, a recently completed essay.

Send to: along with your full name.

Hi-R Mentor Testimonial 

Being a mentor over the past year at university has allowed me to have a palpable impact on the lives of those with similar aspirations and levels of ambition to me. That the students I mentor are facing the same difficulties as I did during the university application stage infuses my studies with an appreciable sense of satisfaction and indirect accomplishment, aiding and encouraging me on my own path. Furthermore, I believe acting as a mentor demonstrates a general commitment to personal development that is attractive in applications for legal work experience, increasing my chances of obtaining pupillage and a career at the Bar.

Finn, Hi-R Mentor

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