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Hi-R Education

“Hi-R is a mentoring network that utilizes the experiences of current students and graduates to help those transitioning into university and the world of work.

Through our in-depth mentorship, Hi-R ensures that students are as prepared as they can be for life during and after Higher Education.”


Our Story

What We Do

During her first year at university, our founder - Tosin Murana - received several requests from students from various schools asking for assistance with their university and work experience applications. Realising that there was a need for more personalised assistance amongst students applying for university, she decided to create a mentoring scheme to help students with their writing skills and their transition into university and in the summer of 2017, Hi-R was born. 


Since we have started, our team of mentors have assisted students from around the world to receive offers from the UK's leading universities. We have also assisted scores of students with obtaining work experience and/or graduate roles with world-leading corporations.



Our mentoring programme adopts a three-pronged approach:


ucas personal statement

We use the UCAS Personal Statement process as a means of improving students’ literacy skills through regular and in-depth feedback from our hand-picked mentors and organised student to student reviews. 


a-level/ib mentoring

We guide our mentees through their final year at sixth form/college and assist them to achieve the grades required for entry into their first choice university. 


careers consultancy

We provide our mentees with careers advice, aid with their work experience applications and prepare them for life post-graduation.

We are on a mission to provide an individual path to success for each student, regardless of their background.
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